Terms of service

The Millapani brand and designs are under the United States and Chile copyright protection and trademark registration.

All of our designs are solid 14K and 18K gold, including clasps, earring backings, and chains with the use of precious and semi-precious stones. Our 18k White gold alloy is nickel-free and uses only pure and noble metals: Palladium and Yellow Gold.

All pieces should be worn and handled with care. 

All designs are fabricated, assembled, and finished by hand. We favor the use of natural, unique gemstones which may vary in coloring, texture, and naturally occurring inclusions. Stones will crack or break if hit against a hard surface. Gold is also sensitive over time to scratching and will show signs of wear.

Cleaning the pieces carefully and storing them in their original Millapani bag is recommended. Perfume, oils, and lotions are advised to be applied separately. Jewelry exposure to chemicals and/or household cleaners is not recommended. Swimming or bathing while wearing your jewelry is not advised. 


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