Topaz Drop Earrings
Topaz Drop Earrings

Topaz Drop Earrings

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The drop earrings are crafted in 18k gold. They are the perfect statement earrings for an evening out or a special occasion. Imperial Topaz's deep yellow hues blend with our signature 18k green-gold, exclusive to the Lukutuwe collection.

Imperial topaz is one of the most powerful manifesting stones. Directly linked to the solar plexus chakra, it activates and enhances one's personal will, where anything becomes possible.

The Lukutuwe is our Ceremonial Collection. The Mapuche symbol for the first human, the essence of humanity, and our connection to the infinite cosmos.

Our version serves as an amulet of love, light, and protection.


  • 18k Yellow Gold

  • Imperial Topaz drops

  • Total length = 52mm

  • Studs: bottom width: 20mm, top width: 5mm, length: 16mm

  • Weight: 5.58g each

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