Lapis Stud Earrings
Lapis Stud Earrings

Lapis Stud Earrings

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Infinite and unbreakable, at the core that transcends time and space. Our interpretation of the soul is embodied by a solid diamond center, surrounded by a unique stone.

Lapislazuli is sourced in only two parts of the world. One happens to be our native country, Chile. Hidden amongst the Andes mountains we can find this semi-precious stone, cherished for thousands of years.

Lapis helps us go deep into your spirit to awaken our divine purpose and true destiny. It brings objectivity, clarity, and creativity.


  • Lapislazuli 

  • 18k Yellow Gold

  • 1.5mm Diamonds

  • Measurements: bottom length: 11mm, height: 10mm, width: 3mm

  • Made in NYC

  • Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery

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