Women's Dancer Earrings
Women's Dancer Earrings

Dancer Earrings

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The dancer earrings are crafted in 18k gold. They are light and airy, moving with you on the go. The Lukutuwe gently grounds us, bringing us back to ourselves and connecting us to the earth. Rose gold represents femininity, warmth, strength, and love. 

The Lukutuwe is our Ceremonial Collection. The Mapuche symbol for the first human, the essence of humanity, and our connection to the infinite cosmos.  


  • 18k signature green-gold or 18k rose gold

  • Total length = 50 mm

  • Studs bottom width = 20 mm, top width = 5 mm, length = 16 mm

  • Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery

  • Made in NYC

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